Wherever you are, be all there.

I am someone that naturally is always thinking ahead, always planning, always thinking about the future.

Growing up I thought that was the only way to live life, stay on the defense and be ready for what life throws at me.

In high school I was preparing for college, in college I thought about my move to LA, and once in LA I was looking for the next opportunity to move up in my career. Always there, never here.

I spent years of my life making sure I was not in the present, always chasing the future.

What was I running away from?

I felt so restless when experiencing the present moment.

But why?

I felt if I was present and not planning, I would miss out on the future. Things would go out of control, my life, my purpose.

I know crazy, right?

Little did I know how little control I had. Basically none. That my beliefs were driven by fear and I was actually sabotaging my future. It was a stressful and scary place to be. Eventually I had to admit, “I need help.”

My life started changing when I found my personal relationship with God. It was that connection that I was always searching for, always felt like I was missing. The more I spent time with Him the more I was able to be in the present, because God is the present. When I am connected with God  there is no space for anxiety and fear of the future.

I have developed a new feeling of safety and trust. I am not in this alone. God has put me exactly where I am in this moment for a reason. That is all we have.

Wherever we are, be all there.