Want to start a new chapter of your life? Do you feel lost or stuck trying to answer the big questions of life?

I’ve been working with clients for 6 years helping them find answers to these questions. Supported them through different chapters of their lives, from divorce, to starting their own business, to life after college, to relationships. Let me help you.


Here's what you get working with me:


Monthly Phone Calls

Two monthly 60 minute phone calls or Skype sessions where we get to the core. This is where your next chapter begins.


Video Lessons

Access to 6 videos personalized to you that provide support on different topics like stress, forgiveness, self love, relationships, manifesting your dream life. These videos come every 2 weeks, so even in between our calls you are getting virtual support from me :)

Guided Dance Therapy

6 guided dance therapy practices that allow you to go even deeper on the different topics each week.

Guided Meditation

6 guided meditations that correlate with the topic that week.


Workbook to complete after every virtual session, with specific questions to help reflect on what is coming up and dig deeper on the answers that all lie within.

Digital Accountability Journal

A digital accountability journal where you can write any thoughts, emotions, feelings that are coming up on a weekly basis. I will add comments, support and responses for continued support.

Weekly Support

Provide weekly love notes and inspiration.

VIP Access

VIP access to my dance therapy workshops.


Ready to get started?


I am here. Not just for one week, or one call—but throughout your journey.

Because of the intimate one on one support I provide, I have limited spots open. If you are ready to have support and guidance on your next chapter in life, message me or email at to set up a 30 minute complimentary call to see if this is a good fit for the both of us.