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Mentorship for your next chapter.


What’s your plan after you graduate? What do you want to do the rest of your life? 

Graduate school, go back to school?

Follow your dream, Focus on a career, focus on starting a family?
Be single, find “the one?”
Travel and move to a new city, live near family?
Shut up, speak up!!

That was me 5 years ago. Just out of college. My mind ran wild with these questions. And that was just my outside world. Looking at what was going on inside myself was even scarier. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, so fearful of not looking perfect or what others think of me. Not feeling worthy of being heard or seen. Just the thought of decisions paralyzed me. 

There is so much pressure to know what we want to do with the rest of our lives, so many paths to choose from, and what I realized we have no one telling us what the “right” path is. 

What if I choose the wrong path? Who do I turn to? Where do I go next? 

I feel your heart love. I see you. I know it can feel overwhelming. You don’t have to do this next chapter alone.


Let's start your new chapter today.


I provide guidance as you tackle the tough questions & mentorship to create your ideal future. 


Enmotion Digital Program

We will dig deep on connecting your inner emotions and dreams to reflect the life you wish to live on the outside. Becoming more confident than you have ever been before. On the inside and the outside.


One-on-One Mentorship

Work one-on-one with me for a three-month period. I will work with you on creating goals, setting intentions, and creating a gameplan for how to embark on your next chapter.


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