Find the rhythm of your life through the Enmotion Digital Dance Therapy Program.

You have the freedom to go at your own pace and schedule, from wherever you are. Just go online and you are fully supported. 

Enmotion is a digital mentorship program that I created for young women who need guidance on how to start the next chapter of their lives. Using dance, movement and meditation, you will access new layers of yourself and develop a deeper understanding of your emotions. Because it is only when we truly understand ourselves and our emotions that we can start making decisions with confidence and clarity.   

Here's What You Get:



Personalized Video lessons

Six videos personalized to you that provide support on different topics like stress, forgiveness, self love, relationships, manifesting your dream life.



Guided dance therapy

Six guided dance therapy practices that allow you to go even deeper on the different topics each week.




Guided Meditation

Six guided meditations that correlate with the topic that week. 



Personalized Workbook

Workbook to complete after every virtual session, with specific questions to help reflect on what is coming up and dig deeper on the answers that all lie within.



Confidence & Clarity

Lifetime access to each of the videos and most importantly, a renewed sense of confidence in yourself, a clearer vision of what you want your future to be, and a roadmap of how to get there. 


Are you ready to wake up everyday with a deeper purpose, feel free and empowered to take back your life from living in fear, limiting beliefs and the negative voice that says this can’t be done?

Total Price: $20

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