What would it look like to commit 100%?

This question keeps coming up, I can’t  ignore it anymore. The first thing that comes to my mind is fear.  “What if I give everything, and it doesn’t work out?” I never realized how much it scares  me to be “all in,” with no plan B… From my business, relationships, where to live, what to eat, everything! Total fear… But what is the other option? Staying small, not growing, staying exactly where I am, not chasing my dreams?

What would it look like if I didn’t self sabotage and I just pushed through the uncomfort? ? How would I move through life differently?

The answers become a road map to where I want to go next. Where my journey is headed to.

Yes, it scares me, yes I may fail, yes, yes, yes..  but on the other side of that? Freedom. The rest of my life.