What transformed my relationship with food and taking care of myself

As many of you may have noticed recently, I am sharing a lot about food and wellness. I felt called to share a little bit more of why this is.

Growing up my relationship with food always just felt like an inconvenience. I grew up grabbing food between school and dance practice from whatever fast food was on the way. My lunch would consist of a few bags of chips from the vending machine at school. I would then go dance 8 hrs, expecting my body to run at a very intense level, with nothing fueling it. I never really put any thought into it, it just didn’t ever feel good, I was always exhausted, and I was ALWAYS sick.

After college I moved to LA, which really catapulted me on a journey searching to find a deeper purpose. I did a ton of work in personal development and mindset, but food was an area I never really looked deeper into. I thought being healthy was restricting myself to eating as little as possible, and having to be on a strict diet.  I always felt hungry, tired, and still was getting sick.

On the weekends I would end up eating burgers, pizza, desert - you name it, and would feel so guilty. It was this roller coaster of emotions, which did not feel good. A lot I didn’t even realize, it was just my relationship with food. I thought it was normal.

That brings me to today - Within this last year I was getting more and more coaching clients that were dealing with hormones, digestion, skin issues, and exhaustion (to name a few). Being I focus on mindset, and helping in many other areas of life, I wasn’t sure how to support them in their health journey.

I then connected with an incredible community of women that changed everything for me. I started educating myself on what it really looks like to take care of myself, and nourish my body. I realized food doesn’t have to be something that is from a place of fear, or feel restrictive, or complicated, it can feel like an act of self love.

I now lead a 10 day healthy reboot every month. I amazed by the community that is coming together. We have women in France, Vienna, London, Midwest, East Coast, West Coast. The foundation is coming from a place of acceptance and love - wherever you are on your health journey. We support each other every step of the way! And one of my favorite parts, is I get to do this with my mom each month, and I have seen her health journey totally transform! What more can I ask for <3

I am so passionate about sharing this with other women, and starting these conversations, to really remind each other we are not alone this.

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