A Letter From Me to You

I started sharing my journey quickly out of college, as an outlet to connect with others and talk about the stuff everyone was feeling, but not speaking about. Flash forward to today, almost 4 years after launching my business, the core is still; connection, transparency, openness.

I want to go deeper. I realize I talk a lot about inspiration, but I don’t always share what is going on behind the scenes. Why my life has unfolded the way it has…Why God has become the center of my life, how I met the man of my dreams, gave up alcohol AND coffee (I know, WHAT?!) and what is it like going into full time entrepreneurship. I want to continue to be transparent because that is where we meet each other.  In the messiness, in the openness, in the honesty. We are not in this alone. These platforms are here not only for highlighting the highs of life, but also the journey along the way. Life will continue to change until the end, but the importance of community and relationships will always be a constant. No matter where we are in our journey.

So whether you know me personally, or you are part of this amazing online community. If there is a topic you want to hear about, or a part of my journey you want to know more about, comment below or reach out to me directly at mnorthway@morgannorthway.com.

I want to continue to show up to create a community; for connection, with transparency, in openness.