We can choose again in any moment

Do you ever get that feeling where you just wake up, off? And you get to a point where you think “well this is a wasted day,” tomorrow will be different, it will be better, and start wishing away the day?

Or you snap at a coworker, or family member, or friend, and think “well I messed this one up,” and you start down the spiral of  how there is no going back now. You come up with every scenario of how you completely ruined everything.

Something that has radically changed my life is realizing, we can choose again in any moment. No day is ever ruined, even if our mind is telling us we can’t go back. We can choose differently. Life is not about getting it right 100% of the time, life is about the awareness we have a choice. A choice to take a deep breath on the way to work, and realize, no this is going to be a great day, or call back the family member we snapped at, or even if we go through the whole day in resistance, we can still have a moment before we put our head on the pillow to say, thank you. At any moment, we can choose again.