We can not confuse our plan with our purpose.



I have had numerous jobs after college, from the fashion industry, to sales, to recruiting, and through all of these different jobs I have found myself searching for more. Searching for more meaning, more happiness, more contribution, more money. No matter where I worked or what my position was, I consistently felt like I was not truly fulfilled.


I felt like I was going from one job to another in search for something to give me a deeper meaning and purpose in life. I knew I had gifts to offer, but I didn’t feel that I was using them to my fullest potential. I wanted to know I was making a difference in the world..not just putting in time.


I had a college degree, I moved to one of the largest, most innovative cities in the U.S., so why was I still feeling empty, despite following my plan exactly the way I dreamed?


Reflecting on my journey I have come to the realization that we cannot confuse our plan with our purpose.


Looking back, I was so focused on my plan and the status of my career, that I lost track of what my real purpose is; I am here to be of service to others and love the world back to health. Whether it is with clients, coworkers, family, friends or strangers - sharing love and light with others is where we will find our deepest meaning and own personal happiness.


One must realize that in life jobs change, plans change and people change; the only constant is ourselves. When we look within for happiness and fulfillment we find our true purpose. It is so easy to get caught up in status, money, success, and the material things, but if we stay connected to our faith and love..we can change the world, one act of service at a time.


It is not always easy feeling truly connected to a deeper meaning, so one way I like to start my day is with this morning prayer.


Where would you have me go?


What would you have me do?


What would you have me say, and to whom?


It can be scary and overwhelming when life does not go as planned (I speak from experience), but remember we are not in this alone, let your faith and spirit guide you to your purpose. No matter if it is in your plan or not, trust in God and you will continue to have the deepest connection with life.