How to make room for miracles in 2015


Do you feel like the holidays have worn you out and kicked your ass? Personally, I am exhausted. And now I feel the expectation to set goals, to-dos and dreams for the new year. Can’t I just stop time for a minute to take a deep breath before I move on to the next energy-demanding task?  

The older I get, the more the years seem to fly by. I feel as if I’m being pushed from one year to another, unable to truly appreciate the time I have. In looking back and reflecting on the past year, I see a pattern emerge: days jam-packed with appointments, meetings, to-do lists and agendas that are just plain unrealistic. I find myself asking friends and family, “How are you?”…and the response is always the same: “Busy!”


Each year seems to become more and more “busy”—and for some reason, we feel if we don’t fill our schedules to the brim, we are lazy, unsuccessful or unaccomplished.


But when we fill our schedules with tasks and appointments and a million other things, we don’t leave room for love and miracles to come into our lives. We are so focused on what’s next on our to-do list that we miss the amazing moments to grow, to meet new people and build life-changing relationships and to enjoy the blessed life we currently have at this moment!


When I’m feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted, I remind myself that I am the only one who controls my schedule. I set the boundaries and limits of how “busy” I really want to be.


These are my five favorite rituals that help me leave room for miracles, love and gratitude:


Breathe. Take three deep breaths before you move to a new task. Our breath has so much power—it affects our mood and the energy we give off. If we calm ourselves and focus on our breath, we can really take in all the wonderful things happening around us in that moment.


Think: “I hear you, ego, but I don’t believe you.” Our ego is that little voice in our heads that’s telling us we need to overcommit. It says, “If you don’t say yes to that task or lunch date, what will they think of you?” or “You’re not busy; just say yes to one more thing.” It keeps pushing us more and more until we’re at our breaking point. This is one of my biggest struggles when it comes to overcommitting. I listen to this voice that makes me feel like I’m not accomplishing anything unless my day is completely overbooked. By saying “I hear you, ego, but I don’t believe you,” we acknowledge and then dismiss that voice that makes us feel like we are not enough.


Envision and live in your light bubble. Meditation slows down time. The meditation that saved my life was envisioning that I am in my light bubble, protected by a greater power and energy all day long. Then after an experience that may have taken energy or brought me negative energy, I ask that the energy taken from me or the negative energy coming into my light be replaced with positive. This ritual has helped me keep moving forward with my high level of energy and not feel as drained when I do have a lot on my plate. Try it for yourself when you need an invigorating pick-me-up.


Approach every situation with love. When you come to a situation with love, you are co-creating with God. This is where the miracles happen. Whether you are doing laundry, standing in line for coffee, attending a work meeting or speaking with a stranger, if you do these things from a loving place, it will completely change the way you live your life. You will slowly see your schedule open up, simply because you have decided to put focus on something else—love—rather than the task at hand.


Ask yourself, “What do I live for?” Start your day off with asking yourself, “What do I live for?” The big (and small) things we live for are what we want to fill our days with. Maybe it’s reading a book cover-to-cover, cooking or enjoying quality time with friends and family—these are the things that rejuvenate us and keep us going during times of overwhelm. This question will also help you prioritize what’s most important in your day.


I want to give you permission to start off your year right and really enjoy life, not rush through it. Let’s stop with the “busy” talk. Let’s stop overcommitting. Instead, let’s make space for what matters most.


Now, tell me: how do you make room for miracles?