Your Pathway to Purpose: A Spiritual Journey for the New Year


It’s been awhile, friend. Contrary to what the silence of my digital home may have conveyed, I haven’t forgotten about you.

Far from it, actually. I’ve never thought more about you, and about the ways that I can best serve you.

Let me explain.

Honestly, about six months ago, I was feeling a little uninspired. Disconnected. Not with my work or my clients or any of you, of course, but with the way my work was being presented. The way I was offering myself and my service to the world. My website and my blog posts felt fluffy; surface-level and shallow. They just weren’t me.

So, I took a step back on the outside...but not the inside. I got quiet here, so that I could have the deeper conversations with myself. I delved into my spirituality, my voice, and my heart. I realized that, as I’ve developed and grown as a coach and as a person, so too has my work.

And that’s what I want to share here with you.

When I became a life coach in 2014, I knew very clearly that I wanted to help other young women to know their potential and follow their purpose. But in the course of my work, I did a lot of growing, too. That’s the natural and beautiful side effect of coaching—the personal growth is collaborative. There is transformation on both sides of the relationship.

The very best coaches tend to be just a little bit ahead of you on the journey—though not so far ahead that they can’t remember where you’ve been and what you’re going through. That’s proved true for my clients and me time and again.

The past few months have been the most pivotal of a life-long, soul-searching journey for me. (You might say I’m coming out of the “spiritual closet” :)) And now, more than ever, I am ready to support you, your purpose, and your journey. I am here to point you toward and support you on the path toward your highest good.

I know now, more than ever, that this is the path toward mine.

And in that spirit, I want to share a special offer for anyone who’s looking for this support, as we enter a new year. In January, I invite you to join me on a 4-week opportunity to renew and grow your spiritual journey.

This includes:

  • Four one-on-one, 60-minute weekly sessions
    • These will be scheduled once you sign up.
    • Sessions can be over the phone or in-person.
    • Timing is flexible :)
  • Emailed recaps of each session
  • Daily prayers and practices
    • Including the prayers that have most significantly impacted my life, and specific guidance on creating and sticking to your own spiritual practice
  • Unlimited spiritual guidance throughout the four weeks

Your investment: $300.00

I want to do all that I can to support you in finding and following your purpose, in seeing the power in your potential, and in living a life that feels authentic and loving to you. There is no better time than the start of a new year to restart your life.

If you are looking for guidance and support....

If you sense there is a higher power guiding you,

but you need help hearing and following the call...

If you want to find and follow your deeper purpose in life…

I am here. Not just for one week, or one call—but throughout your journey.

If this feels like the right opportunity and the right time for you, please contact me to set up your first session. I’m so excited to be back here with you, sharing my journey—and I’m even more thrilled to support you on yours.

Morgan has changed my life. Phone call by phone call, she lead me to a renewed spiritual connection. She teaches me how each moment, each decision, has a purpose, yet a purpose that is not ours, but God’s for us. Morgan lives out her teachings, and therefore, can relate in a professional and articulate way, allowing the client space for vulnerability and growth. In working with her, I’ve realized every moment is a unique miracle, and an opportunity to be attentive. She helps create an interior art piece, so you can be you.”  – Ramey Miller Mitchell