How to fall more and more in love with your partner in 2015


Lets face it relationships can be challenging. We have so many outside influences that try to tell us who the “perfect” partner is for us. Our family, friends, books, TV shows, and dating sites, all have input on who our partner “should” be. We get caught up in what we think we “need” and “want” from our partners, and are then surprised when we feel let down because they did not meet these qualifications. I found myself let the outside influences and expectations directly impact my relationship.  I was judgemental, critical, fearful and just plain unhappy with where my relationship was going. Finally, I realized I must make a decision.  Walk away or surrender all of these negative feelings, fear and worry within myself, to a greater power. What happened after this was a true miracle. As the days, weeks and months went on I fell more and more in love with my partner. Each day I woke up was like the first time we met. I was blown away by the overflowing feeling of love, the butterflies, and the pure happiness. What was even more exciting, is that once I started to change within myself, I saw a change in him. He was more confident, felt supported and most importantly LOVED!!

These are a few of the choices I made that completely changed my relationship from fear to love.

1) Surrender your relationship: Surrendering is the first step. Surrendering my relationship to a greater power allowed it to be elevated to a higher frequency. I knew not to fear because God was with me every second of the day. He was guiding me to come from a loving place in every situation. The fear and anxiety was lifted and I was left with love, gratitude and happiness.

2) Be grateful for who your partner is at this very moment: I realized I was so caught up in who I thought my partner “should” be I was missing out on how perfect he already was. When you have no expectations, no agenda, no worries you will realize the happiness you wanted is right in front of you. Where before I had set expectations, now I am truly grateful for the smallest things he does.

3) Quiet your mean girl: The mean girl inside is the voice that tells you “he is not enough, he is too this or not that.” It will take over your relationship and drag it into a negative spiral. By saying the words, “I hear you ego but I don’t believe you,” allows you to shut that mean girl up and continue coming from a place of love.

4) Be present: Many struggles in relationships are when we focus on the past and worry about the future. The fear from the past and the anxiety of the future directly affects the present.  Once we can forgive the past and surrender the future we can live in the present moment. The present moment is perfect, it has no fear, no stress, just love. Setting alarms in your phone that ask “Am I present?” reminds you to be grateful in this very perfect moment.

5) Rewrite the relationship: Write down the current relationship you have with your partner. The things that may be bothering you, the negative feelings you have and the fear that has directly affected the relationship. After really reflecting within, tear up the paper and throw it away. Then on a new sheet of paper write down the relationship you would like to have. Really get deep and think about the emotions you want to feel. Look at this piece of paper from time to time and visualize the feelings. After doing this for a few months I realized the feelings and relationship I envisioned is exactly what I was currently living!

6) Love, Love, Love!!: In every moment we can choose love or fear. It is building that spiritual muscle that allows us to choose love in every moment. When you come from a place of love you are co-creating with God which is what causes miracles. Shining light and love in every situation of my relationship has allowed me to fall more in love with my partner every single day. Have you found yourself getting caught up in the negative chatter in your relationships? What did you do to surrender the fear and choose love?