7 ways good friends can help you make your dreams a reality


Fab 5. Have you heard the belief that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with? If that’s the case, do you need a change? A “friendetox,” perhaps? Our friendships have a big impact on the people we become and the lives we create, so it’s important to choose wisely. True friends even have the power to help you achieve your personal dreams and professional goals.

Interested in building a group of supportive, empowering friends—your own Fab 5? Here are a few ways you and your friends can be there for one another:

1) Keep a positive perspective. It can be tempting to indulge in negative gossip, but steer clear. After all, negative attracts negative. Instead, communicate positive thoughts and you’ll receive positivity in return. As a group or one-on-one, share your achievements, dreams and goals. Talk about how to make a difference or how to better a situation, rather than wallow in what’s wrong. And hold each other accountable by nailing down concrete steps that will move you in a positive direction toward your individual goals.

2) Celebrate the big and small wins. It isn’t always about the job promotion, business launch or new boyfriend. The small wins should be celebrated too! Those little things, like finally checking something off your to-do list or just keeping a smile on your face most of the day, hold significance. True friends celebrate together; they’re truly happy for each other and build each other up. Some fun ways to celebrate your friendship: send a handwritten note or card, meet up for dinner, and even surprise her with flowers! (Every girl loves flowers—and who says they need to be from your man?!) Or simply give your friend a call to say “I am proud of you.”

3) Tell the honest truth. Good friends are honest—even if you don’t want to hear it, even if it’s hard. When you need it most or you aren’t sure which way is the right one, you can lean on them for the truth. Honesty and trust must be at the foundation of any strong relationship.

4) Understand where you are trying to go. In a friendship, each of you has your own dreams, goals and ambitions. Each person is on her own journey; no one is at the exact same place in life. Despite your differences, understand and respect one other’s journey. Ask questions, listen, be open-minded. With love and understanding, you can act as a support for one another each step of the way.

5) Accept the words “I can’t.” Sometimes you just have to say “I can’t.” When you have your eye on the prize, you won’t be able to say yes to every girls’ night. Good friends accept when you say “I can’t” and will find a time when you “can.” They are still cheering you on, even if it is at a distance! But no matter how crazy your calendar is, set aside some time to connect with your friends. It will keep you feeling focused, grounded and refreshed.

6) Appreciate your unique and independent personalities. For a strong, successful friendship, both sides need to accept that you are individual people with unique beliefs, dreams and fears. Though your viewpoints may be different, that diversity is the reason friendships work—because you can learn and grow from one another’s different perspectives and ideas. Use those differences to make each other stronger, to encourage each other and work toward your individual dreams and goals together.

7) Remember that friendship is not a sprint; it is a marathon. It takes time to build a healthy relationship. There may be highs and lows along the way—and there may be growing pains at points when you are each growing at different rates. Recognize the gift of friendship in your life. Acknowledge and appreciate your friends for who they truly are. Be grateful for the amazing people you choose to surround yourself with because they make you YOU!

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic. What do you look for in your Fab 5? How do you and your friends support one another?