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Are you the right fit? Looking for individuals…

  • Currently looking at pursuing a new career or wanting to start a new business?

  • A big believer in leading a life of overall health and wellness?

  • Wanting the ability to choose your coworkers and hours?

  • Dreaming of the freedom to travel and work from any location?

  • Are you sick of working to build someone else’s empire and want to start creating your own?

  • Do you desperately want to increase your wealth to invest in your future and create the life you dream to live?

  • Do you want somebody who is already successful in business to coach and mentor you on your own journey?

  • Want to gain a better work-life balance?


Here's what you get joining the Team:


Weekly Team Phone Calls

Phone calls or Zoom sessions where we get to the core. This is where your next chapter begins.



Join a Team that’s in over 20 countries!

The ability to choose your coworkers!

Postive, supportive, driven

The freedom to travel and work from any location

NYC, California, Paris, Thailand? We work from all over the world!

Top position on our Team is eligible for benefits

Including: medical, dental, disability, life, long-term care, 
chiropractic, prescription, college tuition assistance, holiday bonus and a monthly expense allowance. 

Priority on Self Care

Our community puts self care as our number one priority!

Daily Business Support

You have a Team of mentors here to support you everystep of the way!

VIP Access

VIP access to all events around the world!


Ready to get started?


You have a community of women. Not just for one week, or one call—but throughout your journey.

If you are ready to have support and guidance on your next chapter in life, message me or email at to set up a 30 minute complimentary call to see if this is a good fit.